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  • Exhaust Fan Replacement & Repair

  • Commercial Hood Cleaning

  • Commercial Exhaust & Vent Cleaning

  • Commercial Kitchens

  • Restaurant Kitchen Deep Cleaning

  • Hospital Kitchens

  • Casino Kitchens

  • School Kitchens

  • Equipment—Grills, Ranges,Ovens, Fryers

  • Surface Power Washing

  • Carpet Cleaning

  • Tile & Grout Cleaning

  • Residential Hood Cleaning

  • Drive Through & Walkway Cleaning

  • Dumpster Pad Cleaning

  • Cleaning & Polishing Stainless Steel

Give us a call; we would love to give your kitchen or business space a much needed face-lift.  Get a FREE ESTIMATE!

"We don't cut corners...we CLEAN them!"

At CUSTOM CARPET AND HOOD CLEANING we understand that when operating a commercial kitchen, it's critical that the kitchen is clean and fully compliant with all food industry regulations.  Dirty kitchens have layers of grease and residue on the walls, floors, and equipment. Near any heat source this combination could ignite a fire could spread quickly. This poses an obvious danger to the restaurant, staff and visitors.

At CUSTOM CARPET AND HOOD CLEANING we offer commercial kitchen cleaning services to local businesses to include the one time deep cleans to get a kitchen up to standards and then regular services to maintain that level of cleanliness.

At CUSTOM CARPET AND HOOD CLEANING we offer exhaust fan replacement or repair. 


Experienced Providers

Brian Shafer has over 17 years combined experience in the commercial cleaning business.

Customized Schedules

Brian will work for you on YOUR schedule--from early mornings to late at night. We minimize your "down time"

Advanced Equipment

We have industrial, commercial grade equipment--industry's best

ECO Friendly Cleaners

All our cleaning substances meet or exceed all OSHA & NM standards

Our Reputation is Immaculate


Trusted Years


Satisfied Customers


Clean Kitchens


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